Featuring Glare Free Lenses from Hoya

50% Off 2nd, 3rd pair of Hoya Lenses. A Perfect Option for Sunglasses, Computer Progressives or a back up pair.

Computer Progressives

Do you experience eye strain while on the computer? Neck Strain? Headaches? Looking for a lens with a larger zone for reading?
Computer Progressives may be the right option for you.

Lens Technology

Vernon Optometry is proud to feature dual-surface digital lens technology from Hoya, Nikon and Zeiss. While most lenses place the prescription on a single-surface, dual-service edging places the prescription on both the back and the front surface of the lens. This helps provide the wearer with the clearer optics and a wider field of view. Ask a staff member how a dual-surface digital lenses can improve your vision.

Glare-Free & Scratch Resistant Coatings

Glare-free coatings are designed to improve your vision by reducing excess light. There are many scenarios where glare-free coatings can improve your vision, for example, driving at night, or while viewing a computer screen. For great durability, ask for a modern lens coating that includes both anti-glare and scratch protection.

Lens Material

Lens weight and thickness can vary depending on your prescription. The higher the index of material, the lighter and thinner the lens will be. One of our staff members would be happy to review which lens materials would work well with your prescription.

UV Protection

UV exposure can contribute to many ocular health conditions such as cataracts and macular degneration. Most people are surprised to know that the majority of UV damage sustained over one's lifetime occurs before the age of eighteen. Sun protection is important for all ages.

There are many ways to protect your eyes from UV exposure including prescription sunglasses, clip-ons, fitt-overs, some brands of contacts and some types of lens materials.