Contact Lenses

Considering Contact Lenses?

Whether it's for regular use, playing sports or going out on the town, contact lenses can be a great option. Prescription parameters have increased dramatically... ask your Doctor which contacts are right for you!

The Total 1 lens is designed with a surface of over 80% water content, nearly the same as the surface of your eye, for a feeling of exceptional comfort until the end of your day.

Astigmatism? Reading Glasses?

No problem. Contact lenses are now available in astigmastism and multi-focal prescriptions.

Considering Coloured Contacts?

New options in coloured contacts are more breathable and better for ocular health. Ask your Doctor about new advances in coloured contacts at your next appointment.

Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning solutions can often cause dryness, redness or decreases in comfort. Ask you Doctor which contact lens solutions would work best for you.
Cooper Vision
Ciba Vision
Bausch & Lomb

Considering Contacts?

Our Doctors are skilled at fitting rigid, soft and custom contact lenses. Multi-focal contacts and contacts to correct astigmastism are now available.

One of our dedicated staff members would be happy to review insertion/removal techniques as well as give you instructions on how to clean and care for your lenses. Ask your Doctor which contact lens options might be right for you!