Safety Glasses

Posted by Vernon Optometry | 23.09.2017 |

We have many different safety glasses available in our office! No matter what you specialize in for work we have safety glasses for you. We can look into the Occupational Vision Program to find out what your work requirements are.


Posted by Vernon Optometry | 14.09.2017 |

Our giveaway draw is still on! Purchase a complete pair of glasses in our VO Kids Program before September 30th to be entered to win some amazing prizes! Prizes include RayBan headphones, Oakley water bottles, Nike bags and much more! Don't forget! Our lenses are also buy one set and get a second pair for free to be used within 18 months! Some restrictions apply, See staff for details!!


Posted by Vernon Optometry | 11.09.2017 |

Kids are back to school and are using electronics more than ever! Be sure to protect your kids eyes from the dangers of Blue Light. Read about it on the article,…/children-computer-vision-sy… We have an anti reflective coating available called Blue Blocker, this coating has additional properties different than the average anti reflective. The Blue Blocker coating cuts away the harsh light emitted by electronics, this can help protect your kids eyes and your eyes too!  

Eye Anatomy

Posted by Vernon Optometry | 31.08.2017 |

Have you ever wondered how your eyes work? This article tells you all about the different parts of the eye and how they work for you!

Vernon Optometry Kids Program Giveaways!

Posted by Vernon Optometry | 28.08.2017 |

Every complete purchase of frame and lenses within the kids program from August 1st to September 30th will be entered to win prizes! Prizes include, Nike sport bags, Oakley water bottles, Rayban Headphones and much more!

Direct Billing

Posted by Vernon Optometry | 23.08.2017 |

We can now direct bill to so many insurance companies! Just show us your card and we will handle the rest! We can bill for eye exams, glasses and contatct lenses!


Posted by Vernon Optometry | 22.08.2017 |

Congratulations for Shelley for winner our $50 Visa Giveaway! The box is located by our coffee, tea and water station and anyone is welcome to enter just by filling out a simple survey!

Viewing the Solar Eclipse Today!

Posted by Vernon Optometry | 21.08.2017 |

Vernon Optometry Kids Program

Posted by Vernon Optometry | 14.08.2017 |

This photo was sent into us by one our patients. Look at this cutie, just loving her new glasses!

How to Safely view the Solar Eclipse

Posted by Vernon Optometry | 11.08.2017 |

As some of you may already know, on August 21st all of North America will be able to witness the beautiful Solar Eclipse! What you may not know is that you must be very careful when watching it! The Eclipse puts out very strong and dangerous UV Rays that slowly cook the Retina. This is called Solar Retinopathy. Its painless but dangerous because you can't feel it until its too late. Read all about it on Eclipse 101 by NASA to find tips on how to safely view the Eclipse.